Tiger Woods is focusing on the game


Tiger Woods comes to the final major of the year and he prefers not to talk about it too much. The only thing that he said that he just trying to get better. He is trying to get up there where he can win tournaments, get his game organized so he can be consistent on a tournament basis where he is going to give himself a chance to win each and every event he play in. That’s what he has done over most of his career. And he does like to get to that point again where he could do it.

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A suit against Nestle India

A case was initiated against Nestle India. Towards the Maggi manufacturer of noodle was brought an accusation. The company in India has been accused in a rank of crime. Among them, intolerant trade process, failed labeling and advertisement. They are obligated to pay 6.4 billion rupees or 99$ million in purpose to cover the damage. Also, the government opposes the product because of the lead, which is simply unacceptable for children.

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